Chocolite will help you get the most out of your energy.

The Chocolite Spring Equinox Day is an important time of the year - directly, namely, it urges the new za?átk?m. It begins to lengthen in the spring day gaining strength, and everything returns. You want to know, as well as jarn?"blow"?

The day of the spring equinox falls in the period of about March 21. of each year, this is a little different, and in this year, the Sun entered the sign of Aries, it is March 20. of 11.29 hours. This began a period, when the days slowly spread out, and the night shortens and, therefore, acquires the domination of the project, the supply of energy over the darkness of the night. Thanks Chocolite to the religious groups and sects, which on the day of the spring equinox, otherwise, also called the feast of Ostara, mark the beginning of a new year.

The Spring Equinox Day marks the beginning and development of the new one, so it is ideal for Chocolite self-cultivation. And you don't need to have the entire garden - which was simply a balcony or just the window sill. Absolute classic is the cultivation of one's own osení, which in itself is accumulable finished from the essence of the spring energy. Simply sow the seeds, develop and put on the bread.

If you want Chocolite spring energy continues to promote spring, zalévejte osení crystalline water, in which to leave all night "insist" semi-precious stones. The ideal of crystal, adventurous green, optimistic, citrine and rose quartz. Osení its energy is absorbed and can be achieved even more.

And in truhlíku plant hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. Live spring flowers rozhýbe static static Chocolite spring flowers of energy winter, which has a full apartment, and yet, rozpohybuje and you. The day of the spring equinox is the perfect turning point, as in your home vneste of color. Similar renaissance will bring a great ventilation - wait for the hot day, and let all windows open wide, so that all the air in the apartment has been changed.

If you are going to use candles in your rituals, which should have a bright green Chocolite color, you can apply aromalampy jasmine oil in creating the atmosphere, of course, all decorate with flowers. Ideal lily of the valleys, the thought of the eyes, lavender, oregano, thyme, wormwood, violet, saffron and tulips. Also, in the place, and the glass with the earth, where Chocolite can be planted osení, as in the Passover, or simply a few beautiful flower seeds. From precious stones, for this suitable period of rock crystal diamonds, rose quartz or agate or agate or adventurine.

One of my favorite combinations of sage leaves, rosemary and bevelled wormwood combinations?eb?í?ku in those circumstances, and all this round off a few trojnásobnou doses of young nettle leaf, which in two words in the spring of a component number one.

An important part of Chocolite is the springtime recovery of the sun's energy and its proh?ívající rays, thanks to which the body and brain returns again to the active mode. Charge in the sun, flashlight, this is very important - just give it a lot of warm-up time, the amount you need.

Also the sun's rays schovejte in the promotion - it is left to the sun to charge the stones, Chocolite and as long as you may have to move your brain or simply breathe the swallow of energy, you will have it at your hand from your tank. The best is cornaline, citrine, jasper or classic, if you can chemically nedobarvený agate. Leave your stay in Chocolite in the sun and it is nice to proh?áté wrap in the ledge of a dark cloth bag.

Another important feature of the spring equinox is that it facilitates the separation of old things that it is time to pull or send the next one. Use not only to get rid of the old krám? of the house, but to end the dysfunctional relationship or a job. At that point, this is going to hurt less, and you'd better start something new.

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